Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kale Chips

Erin and I both love the Kale Chips from Whole Foods. My friend Biz turned me on to them a few years ago, and we have been talking about making them forever. Since Erin bought me a Nesco dehydrator for Christmas, and kale was on special at the WF for $1.50 a bunch, I decided to give it a go. After cleaning one and a half bunches of kale and tearing it into chip size pieces, I tossed it with a jar of NACHEEZ, a vegan nacho sauce (made by a friend of a friend of my sister), sprinkled it with nutritional yeast, and popped it onto 4 dehydrator trays. I set the dehydrator at 115, and let it do its thing for about 7 hours. Delicious.

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