Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ladle, ladle, ladle. . . .

You sure you don't want one, Sissy?! They have 2 sizes!!
Erin has been looking for a simple old-school ladle, the regular stainless kind with a hook at the end of the handle. Wm Sonoma doesn't carry one, which is shocking and sad, because I was willing to shell out $22 for one for her at Christmas, when I was feeling reckless with my money. Alas, she's still ladling her soup with a measuring cup. Personally, I like to use a teacup. To my great surprise, I found a hundred of them in different sizes yesterday at Kitchen Kaboodle, here in Portland, where I was shopping for a spiral slicer, so I can make raw vegetable spaghetti. They didn't have the spiral slicer, but they did have these. I think they were about $7. >>>

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  1. See, I am so particular about my ladles. If the handle isn't pretty much perpendicular to the scoopy part it makes me crazy. I can't really tell what the deal is with these, but if I really needed one I'd have driven over to the restaurant supply place by now. I kinda like my measuring cup!