Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sue's Chickens

Yesterday afternoon I went to see Sue at her new house in Santa Rosa.  She has a huge backyard and she and Steve have turned it into a little farm, including 6 chickens - 2 each of 3 different varieties.  They've built a little coop for the birds, from a dog house, and enclosed it in a large cage to keep out the predators.  During the day, the flock is allowed to run around the garden, which was recently fenced off when Sue and Steve got tired of chasing hens off the cabbage plants (there will be very little coleslaw this summer!).  Sue and I drank wine and watched the girls run around the yard, mostly chasing off the scrub jays and other little birds who dared to land in their enclosure.  It's hilarious to watch the whole flock chasing one little bird.  Allegedly, they all have names, although Sue can't tell some of them apart.  I do know that the golden puffy-cheeked one is named Nutmeg Princess Leia.

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